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Founded in 2008 by designer Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic.

S Y L V I O is a New York based brand that pushes creative boundaries to achieve excellence, precision and the pursuit of perfection. 

Daring. Envelope-pushing. Far-reaching.

You won’t just know the Sylvio brand when you see it. You will feel it.


A life-long learner, Sylvio continues to gain inspiration from contemporary art, culture and architecture, all seen in his garment’s construction and signature entrechat hand-worked elements.

Sylvio is not your typical designer. His brand mission is aligned with his passion and this is what makes his methodology distinct. He remains 100% involved in designing, draping, drafting, and sewing his unique MAESTRO Collection.

With the increase in mass-produced apparel, the art of  MAESTRO is rarer than ever and does not just pertain to selling fashion for profit or fame. To become a MAESTRO is to embrace the creative process and work with every aspect, from idea conceptualization to physical manifestation. It is a transformative experience originating from the designer who shares this with his clients. 


Sylvio started his MAESTRO concept in 2014 while working as a tailor for different projects. He developed a reputation as a seamstress and eventually realized his skills could be harnessed for higher use. Not only could he design with a pencil, pad, and imagination, he possessed the capacity to create designs from scratch and produce the finished product. He actualized a special combination that makes a garment more priceless than haute couture; his hand and mind work together to develop a unique fashion totally made by the designer. When building his MAESTRO Collection, you can find Sylvio with laser-like focus as he handles the fabric to create memorable pieces from start to finish. 

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