Founded in 2008 by designer Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic, Sylvio is a New York-based brand that pushes creative boundaries to achieve excellence, precision and the pursuit of perfection. 


Sylvio was born in Frankfurt, Germany and grew up in Croatia where he studied architecture, a subject that fueled his admiration for design and techniques of construction. The minimalism, lines and geometric shapes required to create high-level craftsmanship were elements in this field that sparked his drive to become a creator himself. He was well known as a bright student with a keen eye for areas often ignored, color combinations and a dogged determination to see projects completed with quality. 


While architecture stimulated his mind, it was the fashion design industry that captured his heart. In 2000, Sylvio moved to the United States to study fashion design at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, Florida. Applying his ability to strive for perfection, he graduated at the top of his class and was chosen to showcase his work at the “Red” Heart Association fashion show. It was this experience that solidified his focus for imagining garments that can take a woman’s mind wherever she wanted to go and feel the fire of the moment wearing his creations. 

In 2010, Sylvio moved to New York and founded his independent label. He understood the Big Apple was a prominent location to establish his brand’s reputation. The city would become his hub for originality. This was the epicenter of the fashion world. 


Sylvio’s designs demonstrate his talent for fusing art with an integral attention to detail.  His fashion sense represents refined elegance and a sensual appeal that concocts a perfect mixture of the sophisticated and the edgy. Women can feel empowered to express the strength of their femininity in his garments while exuding a confident aura that commands respect and awe. 


Daring. Envelope-pushing. Far-reaching. You won’t just know the Sylvio brand when you see it. You will feel it.


A life-long learner, Sylvio continues to gain inspiration from contemporary art, culture and architecture, all seen in his garment’s construction and signature entrechat hand worked elements.


In 2012, Sylvio re-launched his online offerings and custom-made program to expand his clientele and deliver unique value to the industry. 


MAESTRO Collection. 


Sylvio is not your typical designer. His brand mission is aligned with his passion and this is what makes his methodology distinct. He remains 100% involved in designing, draping, drafting and sewing of his unique MAESTRO collection.

With the increase in mass-produced apparel, the art of MAESTRO is rarer than ever and does not just pertain to selling fashion for profit or fame. To become a MAESTRO is to embrace the creative process and work with every aspect, from idea conceptualization to physical manifestation. It is a transformative experience originating from the designer who shares this with his clients. 


Sylvio started his MAESTRO concept in 2014 while working as a tailor for different projects. He developed the reputation as a seamstress and eventually realized his skills could be harnessed for higher use. Not only could he design with a pencil, pad and imagination, he possessed the capacity to create designs from scratch and produce the finished product. He actualized a special combination that makes a garment more priceless than haute couture; his hand and mind work together to develop unique fashion totally made by the designer. When building his MAESTRO Collection, you can find Sylvio with laser-like focus as he handles the fabric to create memorable pieces from start to finish. 


To Sylvio, fashion is the most beautiful language in the world and he is using his gift of this language to fight heart disease by auctioning a number of his best designs from the show. Percentage of the proceeds will be given to charity.