Sylvio born the 3rd  child of 4 to a tailor (father) and chef (mother) in Croatia, Europe is not your typical designer. With a successful engineering background, Sylvio was in route to become a premiere European Architect, designing homes and buildings that would help define the cityscape of modern-day luxury in Europe.

One day becoming no longer fulfilled with drafting plans and engineering drawings, Sylvio decided he would switch to a more tactile medium and begin to sketch and design clothing as a homage to his family’s roots in tailoring. This put Sylvio on a path to broaden his studies to now include fashion design in the U.S.

Based in NYC, Sylvio brings inspiration from the streets of NYC, makes it ART on the RUNWAY and puts it back on the streets. His brand mission is aligned with his passion and this is what makes his methodology distinct. He remains 100% involved in designing, draping, drafting and sewing of his unique MAESTRO collection.

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